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I've always liked horror, but I haven't had enough of it lately, I think. I pick up the Rue Morgue magazine and pour through it's contents, I buy horror-based rpg materials and read through them, I eagerly flip through webpages showing abandoned industrial and other areas returning to the wild. At worldcon I picked up two copies of Weird Tales magazine, and tried subscribing to it. I also got an interesting book on John Carpenter's films.

Reading all of this, I'm feeling a real sense of yearning. I want wierd stuff, I want horror, I want to hang around with people who are interested in watching John Carpenter and Masters of Horror and weird Korean horror films. I'd like to have some folks to go out with to a theater and see nasty horrible things happen to people. There doesn't seem to be anything like that here in Denver. Oh, I'm sure there's a vamipre LARP group in town, and there's probably goths... but searching on 'denver horror' in google returned a pile of not terribly useful answers, and a stub for a Denver Horror Meetup that doesn't exist.

What shall I do? If I were willing to put down a chunk of money, I could open up a second meetup.com account and start up that Denver Horror meetup. Or maybe someone else could start it for us? Or maybe I should try throwing around some fliers and see what happens.

I want weird and horror and things that go bump in the night.

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