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So, the first day of the convention went... well enough. Morning was a fairly orderly series of folks getting up, having coffee and showers, and getting ready to take off for the day. Kevin, who knows the city from having lived here before, lead us out and into the bowels of the transport system, working our way from bus to train to underground bus until we arrived at the absolutely huge Boston Convention Center... which we're only using about three rooms of, apparently. We are a tiny convention.

And we're a hungry one, arriving and discovering that there's no breakfast spread as we'd hoped. I hunted around and found a Dunken Donuts concession, snaring a donut and happily enjoying it's raspberry goodness. Mmmm... After that, it was a session and the keynote speach about Drupal, followed by the food lines.

And lines they were. I spent near 20 minutes inching forward in line until I finally was able to snag a sandwich and sit down for a bit for lunch. mmmm.

After that it was sessions. I skipped a few of them to try and work on some projects, but unfortunately the internet at the center is a little weak, or at least it's a little weak when 800 computer geeks show up and try to all use the internet at once. Ooops. I also discovered that I've got some weird problem with php and drupal on this computer, and I haven't figured it out yet. Frustrating!

At the end of the day there was a job fair/technical fair, where I drifted around and talked to various people about me and work. Interesting, some of the folks using Drupal - the people who did Rock Band were there, and they're looking for drupal for their website, apparently.

That done, I escaped back to the apartment where I'm staying for some soda and some UTZ. I may head out again in the future to join some of the after work shmoozing, but I'm an astonishingly weak guy at schmoozing, so my impulse is to stay here. We'll see!

But my feet hurt.
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Morning in Boston is so far a somewhat familiar experience. The house I'm staying in is probably a hundred or two years old, and walking around it barefoot waiting for my turn in the shower feels something like when I visted my Grandmother when I was younger, and she still lived in North Tarrytown in New York. Looking outside the windows I see trees and city, the floors are worn smooth by decades of other lodgers, and everything has that slightly worn look. Bed's just as amazingly firm as I remember my grandmother's guest beds being too.

Luckily, bought coffee last night at the grocery store, so I've got a little brain juice to reboot my mind with.
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Hey! I'm in Boston!

I'm here for the Drupalcon, which is here in Boston for this week, and at which I'll be happily hanging around at.

Still settling in after my trip, more later.

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