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This is a blog post copied from John's Website - please feel free to join him there and post comments. He has set up openid, so you can post there with your livejournal account using your openid, which is the same as your journal url minus the http://. You can find this entry at http://www.jcfiala.net/blog/2013/09/01/gaming-weekend-tacticon.

An interesting weekend for gaming. This weekend is Tacticon/Railcon, the big train gaming event, so my wife went off to play and left me with Rose for two days. Which has been fun, but I'm already worn out. (The first day was Friday, so today she's spending time at home.)

With Rose both tired and a handful, I wasn't really able to visit the dealer's room at the convention when we dropped by yesterday, but I did pause momentarily at the table that Black & Read had to pick up the latest expansion for Netrunner. (I've been picking up the expansions, but haven't really had a chance to play. I probably should try playing online, but haven't been motivated to yet.)

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So, I finally returned to Tacticon this year, the local gaming convention that happened this weekend. Part of the reason I returned was to enjoy the local launch of Living Forgotten Realms, and the other part is because I'm going to be the RPG coordinator at Genghis Con 30, our larger gaming convention, held in February.

So, I'm not really getting anything done right now - just relaxing on the internet, drinking coffee and enjoying some asprin.

But man - 4th edition is a blast.

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