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Well, this last weekend was supposed to be the big weekend for me to play in Slot 0s for Living Forgotten Realms, which I'm helping out with at Tacticon. The idea was that I'd play in two on Saturday, and one on Sunday, and have three games under my belt before the convention.

Only... not. Saturday fell through on lack of players, so instead my wife and I went... shoe shopping! Well, first we stopped and dropped off some blood for testing, had breakfast, and then went shoe shopping. I ended up getting a pair of snazzy looking black walking shoes at a store called 'Good Feet' - the deep black makes it look dressy, but up close it looks a bit more like an athletic shoe, which is a nice combo to wear to work.

I've been having problems with one of my feet for a while, and recently went to the doctor to talk about it. (I'd been to a doctor once before, but he hadn't been helpful at all.) This doctor said he'd xray my foot to make sure, but unless he called me, what he suggested was new shoes with better arch support. So, I've got new shoes, and we'll see about the arch.

Sunday I finally got to play a slot zero. Unfortunately, due to a confusion on the mailings, our DM actually thought the game was cancelled - oops. Happily, one of the players had modules on him he could slot zero, and so we played through an interesting if somewhat flawed module, and he only really flubbed once, when he started reading the DM introduction to us. Unfortuantely he had been planning to run the cleric, and with a table without any defenders or leaders, I dropped the wizard I was going to play and quickly slammed together a cleric to keep the party together.

The first part of the module was pretty interesting - people to talk to, skill checks to make, ideas to run down. The second part was intersting as well, but totally different - three heavy combat encounters in a row, although the last one involved some skill use as well. We'll see how the other adventures look, but for one I'm hoping they're not all combat fests like this one turned into.

Altogether, fun. And I got to play Race for the Galaxy with my wife, which really does feel like a CCG that doesn't have all that tedious collecting and deck construction mixed in.

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