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Well, now that I'm formally over here, maybe it's time to start posting again. It's been a while.

Hello, Dreamwidth! I'm John Fiala. I'm 47 now as I post this. I have a wife, Tammy, and a daughter, Rose, who is 5 and a delight. (for one, she goes to sleep when put to bed.)

So, last year my wife almost died from Pneumonia in the spring, and then in the fall we discovered that she has leukemia. Wow.

Happily, she's doing well. She just had a bone marrow transplant, and is doing just about perfectly - considering what's been done to her. She's even home from the hospital, where her parents (on loan from North Carolina) and myself are taking care of her. While this is going on, our daughter is staying with her aunt and uncle in North Carolina, as unfortunately five year olds are not the best thing to have around during immune system problems.

I miss her. But at least I have my wife back!

Beyond that, life is fine. Work is good - I got laid off in January but found a job very quickly - and I'm enjoying it. Went and saw a great movie over the weekend - 'Your Name.'. Lovely. It's got a limited american release this week, so try and see it if you can.

Date: 2017-04-11 09:11 pm (UTC)
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Oh, yow, good luck to everyone! May good progress continue!

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