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This is a blog post copied from John's Website - please feel free to join him there and post comments. He has set up openid, so you can post there with your livejournal account using your openid, which is the same as your journal url minus the http://. You can find this entry at http://www.jcfiala.net/blog/2014/12/25/merry-christmas-denver.

Well, it's been a very nice Christmas, although it looked a little touch-and-go for a bit.

Two weeks ago Rose started getting sick with a cold, a cold that then attacked Tammy and me with a vengeance. Where Rose was sick for a day or so, both I and my wife were stuck at home for two days, with me only returning to work at the tail end of the week by working from home.

Happily, we recovered in time for Christmas to arrive, and in addition to Christmas my parents arrived too - about a month ago my mother decided that if various children couldn't bring the Grandchildren to Grandma, then Grandma would go to the grandchildren. She flew out to see my brother first, and arrived on Tuesday with Dad. After work we all went down to her hotel to meet up and go out to the usual steak place that's down there, and then yesterday Mom and Dad came over to spend time with Rose, giving me a little time to zip out to Cherry Creek to pick up a small set of toys for Rose's stocking, although unfortunately I was a little late to get to the Continental Deli and pick up some extra Chocolate.

Amusingly, Christmas started with us parents waking up early, and little Rose sleeping in until 9, which worked out well - Rose came down and started to discover presents just as Grandma and Grandpa showed up as well. There was much tearing of paper and all, and at the end of it my daughter ended up with a lot of new Frozen-branded stuff, as well as a LeapPad3 tablet and an easel. Lucky kid! I ended up doing nicely - a couple of nice Origami books, a couple of DVDs, some Lego... a cute collection of things. My brother found me a pair of d20-shaped lollipops.

But really, it's been a lot of fun. Rose loved to deliver presents to people and unwrap them, everyone enjoyed playing with Rose, A suitably large turkey was cooked and eaten, and then my folks had to head out early back to their hotel, as a threatened snowstorm broke just as we were finishing dinner. As I type this Rose is sleeping upstairs, and tomorrow she and I will enjoy a little time together (hopefully with my folks) relaxing.

Merry Christmas!

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