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This is a blog post copied from John's Website - please feel free to join him there and post comments. He has set up openid, so you can post there with your livejournal account using your openid, which is the same as your journal url minus the http://. You can find this entry at http://www.jcfiala.net/blog/2012/10/25/o-maryland.

So, I'm originally from Maryland, so when I started reading a thread on Christmas and came across someone talking about the Maryland state song, I was amused to find out that it uses the tune from 'Oh Christmas Tree' but has lyrics about resisting the Northern Oppressor.

Apparently a few decades ago some thought was put to change this, and naturally the folks at All Things Considered decided to 'help' with their own lyrics:


We've got some hills, we've got some trees,
We sing in four-part harmonies.
There's shopping malls and city halls
And cats and dogs and ponds with frogs.

But none of us has ever meant
To overthrow the government.
From Baltimore to Hagerstown,
Just take your car and drive around.


We touch four states and several bays,
The highways mostly run two ways,
We hope you come and say hello
And maybe stop and spend some dough.

We're near the nation's capital
But we are not stuck up at all.
So take a stand and shake the hand
Of every crab in Maryland.


I have a dog whose name was Jack.
I threw a stick, he brought it back.
My sister had a cat, I think.
My mother had a kitchen sink.

My father was a decent man
And we all lived in Maryland.
O Maryland! O Maryland!
O Maryland! O Maryland!


Our nights are dark, our days are fair,
We're right next door to Delaware.
Our song before was full of gore,
But then the Union won the war.

We're sorry if we made you mad.
It was the only song we had.
O Maryland! O Maryland!
O Maryland! O Maryland!

These were apparently written by Larry Massett, and are copied from "Every Night at Five. Susan Stamberg's All Things Considered Book". Enjoy!

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