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So, I've enjoyed World of Warcraft for a long time, and I still like it... but the more I play City of Heroes (and now City of Villians), the more sheer fun I find in it.

There's the fun of playing with other folks without having to worry about disparate levels. There's the fun of playing with folks period, as instanced missions vary their difficulty on how powerful your group is.

There's the fun of making new characters. Coming up with possible names (Unfortunately, a lot of obvious names are taken. Just *try* to name an ice-based hero!), coming up with possible looks, body shape, costumes. The sheer number of hats!

And then there's exploring... I created a new villianess this weekend to play with a friend of mine, and found that the City of Villians start zone is a lot of fun - destroyed buildings, snake-people trying to take over, crooked cops... It's a bit more fun than starting a new hero, I think.

I'm going to keep my WoW account for a while, I'm sure, and still play it from time to time. But City of X is really proving itself to have some serious legs.

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